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Current Affairs February 2022 Volume 4

Current Affairs February 2022 Volume 4

Question:- 1

Which country’s researchers have found out that Climate change is driving plants to flower earlier?

[A] India
[C] UK
[D] Australia

Right answer is:- UK

Brief:- As per a recent study by UK researchers, it has been found that Climate change is driving plants to flower earlier and earlier. The average first flowering date of UK plants is a month earlier than it was before 1986. As per the research team, Plants flowering too early could be disastrous for hibernating and migrating animals, and for crops.

Question:- 2

What is the share of the Government of India in the ‘National Land Monetisation Corporation (NLMC)’?

[A] 100 per cent
[B] 75 per cent
[C] 51 per cent
[D] 49 per cent

Right answer is:- 100 per cent

Brief:- The government has set up a National Land Monetisation Corporation (NLMC) to fast-track monetisation of land and non-core assets of public sector entities, as per the Economic Survey. NLMC is being incorporated as a 100 per cent Government of India owned entity with an initial authorised share capital of Rs 5,000 crore. CPSEs have referred 3,400 acres of land and other non-core assets for monetisation, so far.

Question:- 3

RAMP Programme, which was announced in the Union Budget, aims to improve productivity of which sector?

[A] Agriculture
[C] Textile
[D] Coal

Right answer is:- MSME

Brief:- A 6,000- crore Raising and Accelerating MSME Performance (RAMP) programme for MSMEs has been announced in the Union Budget, which will be rolled out in the coming five years. The programme would improve the competitiveness and productivity of MSMEs. The World Bank in June 2021 had approved USD 500 million for the programme to support the government to support the MSMEs impacted by the Covid crisis.

Question:- 4

Union Budget announced a fund to finance start-ups for agriculture and rural enterprise, facilitated through which institution?

[A] State Bank of India

Right answer is:- NABARD

Brief:- The Union Budget announced a fund with blended capital, raised under co-investment model, will be facilitated through NABARD. It will be used to finance start-ups for agriculture and rural enterprise. The Government would promote the use of ‘Kisan Drones’ for crop assessment, digitisation of land records and spraying of insecticides.

Question:- 5

What is the objective of the ‘Parvat Mala’ scheme announced recently?

[A] Promotion of Adventure Sports
[B] Transportation in Hills
[C] Promotion of Pilgrimage Sites
[D] Protection of Wildlife

Right answer is:- Transportation in Hills

Brief:- The Union Budget announced a new scheme called ‘Parvat Mala’ or National Ropeways Development Programme. The scheme will be launched for regions like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, J&K, and the northeast to facilitate a modern system of transportation and connectivity in hills.

Question:- 6

Which country inaugurated the Ijmuiden Sea Lock, the world’s largest sea lock?

[B] The Netherlands
[C] Australia

Right answer is:- The Netherlands

Brief:- Dutch King Willem-Alexander officially opened the Ijmuiden Sea Lock, which is claimed to be the largest sea lock in the world. The 500-metre long and 70-metre-wide structure replaces a smaller 100-year-old one at Ijmuiden, a port city connecting the North Sea Canal to the port of Amsterdam. The structure is deep enough that ships will not have to wait for a favourable water level to enter the canal.

Question:- 7

Scheme for enhancement of competitiveness of capital goods sector’ is associated with which Ministry?

[A] Ministry of Steel
[B] Ministry of Heavy Industries
[C] Ministry of Textiles
[D] Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Right answer is:- Ministry of Heavy Industries

Brief:- Ministry of Heavy Industries notified the second phase of the scheme for enhancement of competitiveness in the capital goods sector. The scheme was notified with a financial outlay of ₹1,207 crore. It would consist of a budgetary support from the government of 975 crore and the rest of 232 crore would come through the industry contribution.

Question:- 8

Which state launched ‘Project Sadbhawana’ to improve Governance?

[A] New Delhi
[B] Madhya Pradesh
[C] Assam
[D] Odisha

Right answer is:- Assam

Brief:- Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma launched “Project Sadbhawana”. It aims to dispose over 4-5 lakh pending files lying in the State secretariat within a year. A portal will be created where people can inform of their pending files. Along with project Sadbhavana, a Swachhata Abhiyan in Janata Bhawan will also be launched to promote cleanliness in all the departments in the Secretariat.

Question:- 9

‘Lake Albert’ is located as a border between which two countries?

[A] Uganda-Democratic Republic of Congo
[B] Algeria-Libya
[C] South Africa- Tanzania
[D] Uganda- Ethiopia

Right answer is:- Uganda-Democratic Republic of Congo

Brief:- Lake Albert of Africa is located on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is one of Africa’s Great Lakes. It is formerly known as Lake Mobutu Sese Seko. It is located in Albertine Rift, which is the western branch of East African Rift. The primary inflows of this lake are Victoria Nile and Semliki River.

Question:- 10

Which Union Ministry released the publication titled ‘Energy statistics India – 2022’?

[A] Ministry Of Statistics And Programme Implementation
[B] Ministry of Power
[C] Ministry of Coal
[D] Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

Right answer is:- Ministry Of Statistics And Programme Implementation

Brief:- Ministry Of Statistics And Programme Implementation released the 28th edition of the publication, ‘Energy statistics India – 2022’. It is a repository of statistics on energy resources and highlights India’s commitment and progress made in sustainable energy systems. The publication presents the concepts of production, consumption, trade, energy balance etc. The data is collected from Ministry of Coal, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Ministry of Power, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.

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